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Customer Comments!!!

Dear Happy Camper, Just got back from a camping trip with the roll up cots and they were great! Slept much better than on air mattress and much easier to spring up from in the morning! The cots have probably extended our camping life 15-20 years. They are the best!
Also, couldn't believe the quick delivery. They were on the front porch two days after your message they had shipped. Best regards, Mandy

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy your emails, recipes, and tips :-) Fran

I received my order yesterday and it was exactly what my fiance wanted! Thanks for your help and I will definately be ordering from you in the future. You had the cheapest price and I cant believe how fast I got it. I am very happy with the service you have provided. Have a great weekend! Janell

The new hand washing station works well , had 10 people up to the cabin on the 4th , used around 10 gallons of water for washing with the way we had it before , now with the new hand washer we used aound 4 gallons of water this weekend and we had 30 people at the cabin for a weekend party , everyone liked it , and three asked where to buy one from, gave them your number , so if anyone want so slow down the waste of water cleaning up and washing , this is the way to go , thank you again Rick

I'm a satisfied customer of both A Happy Camper and Camp Chef! I recently purchased the Camp Chef Dutch Oven Dome. Fascinating product, indeed! After using it for the first time, I want to offer a comment for future users. It works! It works good!! So, be careful to control the flame. Just to get started, I used the side burner for my patio gas grill. Because of the windy conditions, I was forced to keep the flame on high to keep it from blowing out. I baked some crescent rolls from the refrigerated tube. I used the ol' "if'n it smells done it's done... if'n it smells burnt... it's burnt" method. After about 8 minutes into baking, I didn't smell anything and took a quick peek just in time to salvage portions of my rolls. They were charred on the bottom and seriously dark on top. Man.. that was fast!! Of course, it was operator error... but experience teaches best! :-) My advice is to use a wind shield and don't underestimate the effectiveness of the heating principles behind the Dutch Oven Dome concept. Jonas

It is a real pleasure to do business with your company - I always love the product. And I down load your recipes for Dinner in a Pumpkin and Octoberfest Ribs - wow they look fantastic. I can't wait to try out the turkey cannon. I love to try out new cooking "toys" and this one sounds like a winner.

Thanks. Your super service is what keep me coming back.

Hey, thank you, Donna! I really appreciate having someone efficient and personable to talk to. You guys have a great concept there! It is so much nicer having personal contact in addition to the computer generated acknowledgement. Thanks for all you do.

Thank You. You are the Greatest!!!

Thank you, told you I'd be get in' another one, and I certainly appreciate the whittling on the shipping. Your customer service is awesome. Dennis

Your the best. Going on camping/fishing vacation next week. I will need the deet and hope to make some good food for the group in the new oven. Thanks, Tom

I came upon your site by accident. I am so glad I did. I have had a ball looking over everything. My boys and I are new to camping and finding a site a complete as your was so helpful. I will be back again and again. Thank you for all your hard work! Mary

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Thanks for much for great service! Carolyn

Hi, We had our family beach party at Huntington Beach, California this past weekend, and the Hot Dog Sticks were a definite hit. Kids and adults alike were thrilled with them! We roasted hot dogs, and even marshmallows over the campfire for smores.
Thank you for your prompt attention in delivering them.

We received the waffle maker and love it. Thanks for the extra effort it took to send. We appreciate it!
Have a great week.Karen

Thanks for the personal email. I like that. I will let you know when my order arrives, if you'd like. Thank you again. Sharon

Just wanted to say thank you to both Donna and Colleen for teaching me how to cook in a Dutch Oven. THANK YOU LADY'S, I've eaten well from your teaching me how to cook and I for one am forever indebted to you. Thank You JB

I received the order today. They are perfect! I have to say I was so pleased to find these. We have three small children and we feel spending a little more to ensure our safety is well worth it. I will also add that A Happy Camper.com had the best price on the web! Thanks for the personal touch and smooth transaction. Happy camping, The Ewing Family

My sister in law received her roasting forks (as a birthday gift) but hasn't used them yet and seems totally thrilled about them. Thank you Joni

Donna, sorry there was a problem with this order but I do appreciate all your help. I seldom order on the internet but would not hesitate to order from you again. You've shown me you have a first-class business. Thank you.Rose

Thanks for your help. Took me a while to track down your web site, look forward to doing a lot more business in the future. Have a great day! Stanley
Questions & Comments

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