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Made in the U.S.A !!
Lodge Camp Ovens

Made USA

Flanged Lid holds hot coals for cooking or flips to serve as a griddle
Integral Legs on bottom of pot for campfire and fireplace cooking
Wire Bail for carrying
   Highest quality, most popular camp style dutch ovens made. Join millions of outdoor cooking enthusiasts world wide who have re discovered a centuries old method of cooking. Lewis and Clark, on their cross country expedition, regarded their dutch oven as their most valuable piece of equipment. Using a camp style dutch oven and charcoal briquettes or coals you have unlimited abilities to create some of the tastiest "vittles" this side of heaven. Ovens can be stacked for cooking an entire meal at once. Use to bake bread, pastries, cakes, pies or cook stews, chili, Cornish game hens, turkeys, chickens, etc. You will find the camp style dutch oven so versatile and easy that you too will shortly become a dutch oven enthusiast.
Three legged design with flanged lids so you can put briquettes on the lid. Made of quality cast iron.
Available in 9 sizes.
Made in the USA. Lodge Manufacturing is America's oldest cookware manufacturer and foundry. Lodge Manufacturing has been perfecting the process of making cast iron cookware for over 100 years now!!!..
5" size
1 pt.
Melt butter, make a basting sauce or individual desserts. weight-4 lbs
Lodge discontinued this in Jan of 2002
Camp Chef just made a new 5" So.... check it out!!!
Sold Out & Discontinued by Lodge!
6" size
1 qt.
6-5/8" dia.
3" deep
Lodge Logic is Pre-Seasoned by Lodge
The 1-quart Camp Dutch Oven is specially designed to meet the needs of cooks preparing smaller portions of classic recipes, sauces or new creations.
Weight = 6 lbs
Model No: L6CO3
UPC Code: 075536380605
Picture of 6" Dutch Oven
Sorry Sold Out & Discontinued by Lodge!
8" size
2 qts.
3" deep
Lodge Logic is Pre-Seasoned by Lodge
Useful for Sauces, Toppings, Veggies, Warming Leftovers.
Weight-10 lbs
Model No: L8CO3
UPC Code: 75536380803
Picture of 8" Dutch Oven

10" size
4 qts.
3.5" deep
Lodge Logic is Pre-Seasoned by Lodge
Cook complete meal for two, Soups, Corn bread, Main Dishes Serve 2 to 12, Side Dishes Serve 16 to 20
Weight-13 lbs
Model No: L10CO3
UPC Code: 075536381008
Picture of 10" Dutch Oven
10" size
5 qts.
4.25" deep
Lodge Logic is Pre-Seasoned by Lodge
Main Dishes Serve 5 to 15, Side Dishes Serve 16 to 25
Weight-16 lbs
Model No: L10DCO3
UPC Code: 0755363

Picture of 10" Deep Dutch Oven
12" size
6 qts.
3.75" deep
Best All Around Dutch Oven
Lodge Logic is Pre-Seasoned by Lodge
Serves 6 to 18 Main Dishes or 30 Side Dishes
Weight-20 lbs
Model No: L12CO3
UPC Code: 075536381206
Picture of 12" Dutch Oven

12" size
8 qts.
5" deep
Extra Deep.
Lodge Logic is Pre- Seasoned by Lodge
Whole chicken or roast, Bread, standing rib roast. Serves 8 to 25 Main Dishes or 40 Side Dishes
Weight-22 lbs
Model No: L12DCO3
UPC Code: 075536381251
Picture of 12" Deep Dutch Oven

14" size
8 qts.
3.75" deep
Lodge Logic is Pre-Seasoned by Lodge
Great for larger groups, Roast with vegetables, Large stews, Cobblers. Serves 8 to 25 Main Dishes or 40 Side Dishes
Weight-26 lbs
Model No: L14CO3
UPC Code: 075536381404
Picture of 14" Dutch Oven
Sorry Sold Out & Discontinued by Lodge!
14" size
10 qts.
5" deep
Extra Deep
Lodge Logic is Pre- Seasoned by Lodge
Roast a small turkey or ham, bake large batch of bread. Serves 10 to 35 Main Dishes or 55 Side Dishes
Weight-28 lbs
Model No: L14DCO3
UPC Code: 075536381459
Picture of 14" Deep Dutch Oven

16" size
12 qts.
4.5" deep
Lodge Logic is Pre- Seasoned by Lodge
Double the 12 inch size recipes. Try a double pineapple upside down cake. Serves 12 to 38 Main Dishes or 60 Side Dishes
Weight-32 lbs
Model No: L16CO3
Upc Code: 075536381602
Picture of 16" Dutch Oven
Lodge Discontinued this as of June 2013!!!

Sorry Sold Out & Discontinued by Lodge!

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