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  Home : Camping Shower : Camp Chef : Triton Hot Water Heater Shower
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Shampoo Triton 10L
Triton Hot Water Heater Shower 5L
Triton Hot Water Heater 5L
Reg. $199.95

Model No: HWD-5
UPC Code: 033246210117

Triton Hot Water Heater 5L

Triton Hot Water Heater 5L
Enjoy hot water in an instant with this portable propane powered Triton hot water heater and shower. Need a hot shower when you’re on the road or camping? Need to clean up after a long night of search and rescue after a quake? The Triton water heater is just what you need. Simply attach a garden hose and instantly you have hot water for hours. The Triton produces more hot water/min than any other unit in its class; 1.5 gallons a minute and as hot as you need it to be with the fully adjustable heat and water flow controls. It’s the easy way to wash sand off the kids at the beach, great for cleaning pets and cars too! Measures 13"L x 8"W x 23"H. Weighs 15.10 lbs.

    Product Features:
  • 1.5 gallons per minute of on demand hot water
  • Fully adjustable heat and water flow
  • 4 settings shower head: off, mist, shower, and jet
  • Includes 8 foot water hose (96")
  • Easy turn brass garden hose connector
  • Heating unit automatically ignites when water is turned on
  • Uses 2 D batteries for ignition (not included)
  • Self standing or use included brackets to hang
  • Carry handle folds down for storage
  • Includes regulator hose for bulk propane tank
    Product Specifications:
  • Total Output: 34,000 BTU/hr
  • Maximum Water Flow: 5L per minute (1.5 gallons) - raises water temp. 38º F
  • Minimum Water Flow: 2L per minute (.5 gallons) - raises water temp 102º F
  • One standard LP tank is good for approx. 18 hrs. of continuous use, depending on set temperature
  • Weight: 15 lbs. with stand
  • Warranty: One Year
  • 72" Shower Hose
  • Adjustable Shower Head
  • Hose & Regulator for 20 lb. bulk Propane Tank
  • Automatically Ignites When Water is Turned On.

    Replacement Water Hose to Shower Head
    # HWD-1   $29.99

    Replacement Shower Head
    # HWD-4   $10.99
Triton Hot Water Heater 5L This Triton Water Heater gives you potable hot water where ever you need it. Eight feet of shower hose and four shower head settings are included making it suitable for multi use. The Triton Water Heaters produce more hot water per minute than any other unit in its class. A specially designed system heats water instantly as it flows. At 5 liters per minute, this unit is perfect for use to fill up a portable pool, wash your pets, shower off at the beach, use with an RV or just as a hot shower wherever you are.

Can I hook my Triton Hot Water Heater up to a water pump or gravity flow system?
Feel free to connect your Triton Hot Water Heater any water pump or gravity flow system as long as it provides adequate water pressure and flow. Generally any sur-flow style diagram pump will do the trick. These are the same type of pumps that can be found in RV trailers. They work well because they automatically turn on and off as the shower head is opened and water begins to flow.
Another option would be to use a pond pump, but once again make sure it has adequate flow. It's recommended to get a pump that has the capacity of 8-10 liters/minute. Keep in mind that pond pumps have to be turned off manually, and if left running without water flowing can burn up.
Gravity flow systems will work as long as the source is high enough to provide 4 psi and adequate flow.

What is the pressure output of the Triton Hot Water Heater?
Minimum Required Pressure is 4 PSI and the maximum pressure is 140 PSI. Minimum Flow - 2 Liters/Min. Maximum Flow - 5.5 Liters/Min (The system won't allow more than this through it)

How much water pressure do I need for my water heater to work?
Minimum required pressure is 25 PSI which will run with water flow knob set to low. Maximum pressure is 140 PSI.

How long can I run my water heater?
The maximum amount of time your water heater will run is 20 minutes. After 20 minutes it will shut off as part of a safety system at which point you can restart it again.

How can I regulate my water temperature on my Triton Water Heater?
The heaters have a flow control and flame control. With the flame on high, and flow on high, you get a temperature rise of about 50-55F. With the flame on high, and the flow on low, the temperature rise is about 80-90F. You can adjust the valves to get any temperature rise in between.

How do I use that WITHOUT being connected to a home pressure system? Would it work with gravity feed?
Yes, the Triton water Heater will work with gravity flow. You will have to make sure there is enough height from the water source to get the 25-30 PSI and adequate flow so it will work. You will need about 75 feet high, from the water source to the unit, then try it on low.

Does the Triton have to be mounted upright, or could it be mounted to the bottom of a table, with the hoses facing horizontal and the controls facing downward?
We do not recommend setting up the Triton Water Heater any other way but upright. There needs to be a 3 foot clearance around the entire unit, due to heat.
Camp Chef Triton Hot Water Heater 5L

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