Dutch Oven Bread

4 - Pillsbury Baking Powder Biscuits = 40 Rolls
Parmesan Cheese 100% Grated
Garlic Powder
Spray Butter

Preheat and oil a 10" Regular Dutch Oven. Make sure you oil the sides of your dutch oven well. Oil and place the first biscuit along the side. Just keep doing that until you run out of room along the side. Now place the rest in the center. If you are cooking on a dutch oven table use 13 on top and 8 on the bottom. You will see steam coming out from under the lid plus you will smell it too!!
Just before you serve put the butter on top with garlic and the parmesan cheese. As much as you like of each. We cooked ours in the Camp Chef Oven. We took both racks out and just put the 10" Dutch Oven on the bottom.
Serves: 30 Plus

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