Dutch Oven Chicken

8 chicken breasts 2- 8 oz. bottles of Russian Dressing 1- 12 oz. Bottle of Apricot Jam 1 pkg. Instant Onion Soup Mix Pour over Chicken, and bake in oven for about 1 1/2 hours. Heat should be 350 degrees, which in a 12" Dutch Oven is 10 on the bottom and 15 on top. Replenish your briquettes as need to maintain the 350 degrees. 12 briquettes in a Volcano or Lift-N-Grill. From the Log Cabin Dutch Oven Cook Book page 23. Dutch Oven Checklist ___ Dutch Ovens ___ Lid Lifter ___ Lid Rest ___ Dutch Oven Trivets ___ Charcoal Briquets (Kingsford) ___ Lighter Fluid, and matches ___ Charcoal Starter ___ Spoons,fork, knife, can opener, cutting board, hot pads, vegetable peeler, and measuring cups and spoons. ___ Aluminum Foil ___ Cook Book ___ Long Tongs ___ Whisk ___ Gloves ___ Storage Bag ___ Paper Towels ___ Dutch Oven Scraper ___ Spray bottle of vinegar ___ Spray bottle of oil ___ Don't forget the Food!!!
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