Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower


Give yourself a hot shower anywhere you go! Designed with an efficient 4-layer construction for optimal heat retention and performance.

Simply fill and layout in the sun clear side up and you will have a hot shower in no time!

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  • Advanced Elements 5 gallon capacity.
  • Reflective mirror.
  • Premium quality.
  • Extra large filling valve with convenient twist off cap.
  • Pockets for soap and shampoo.
  • Hook and loop strap holds wash cloth, soap, etc.
  • Water temperature gauge.
  • Easy to use ON/OFF shower head saves water.
  • Simply roll up after use for easy storage.
  • Great for camping, fishing, the beach, sailing and hiking.
  • Weight (empty): 1 lb 25 oz
  • Made in China

Use the Advanced Elements Solar Summer Shower for camping, fishing, beach fun, sailing, or on your next hiking trip!

Hot water at your convenience! The Summer Shower is an ideal outdoor camping shower and is made with premium materials for superior durability.

The wide, rubber handle is comfortable for transport and make it easy to hang the shower in camp.

The extra large filling valve makes it easy to fill and empty.

The Solar Summer Shower also features a mesh pocket for soap and shampoo and has a reflective mirror tethered inside.

• Water temperature gauge
• Easy to use ON/OFF shower head saves water
• Velcro straps holds wash cloth, soap, etc
• Roll up after use for easy storage
• Durable 4-layer construction
Item #: S102
Weight: 1.25 lb
Volume: 5 gal
Packed Size: 16 x 5 x 1.5 in
Material: 4-layer construction

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