Aquamira Frontier Max Red Line Filtration System 120 Gal


The Aquamira Frontier Max is the only outdoor and tactical filter system, certified to EPA and NSF/ANSI standards for 120 gallons of field use. Series IV Connectivity lets you customize the Max with any Series IV filter cartridge. UQC fittings allow you to connect the Max with the Geigerrig hydration engine and pressurize for on-the-go, plug-and-play in-line filtration anywhere.

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  • Filter Type:  Gravity
  • Removes/Destroys:  Protozoa, Bacteria and Viruses
  • Output:  0.5 liters per minute
  • BPA Free:  Yes
  • Weight:  7 oz.
  • Inline, Gravity or Staw
  • Certified Protection:  NSF / ANSI Standards
  • Certified lead free (NSF/ANSI-372)
  • BPA Free, Chemical Free, and Iodine Free
  • High Capacity: World Wide Protection of 120 Gal Life
  • Connects to reservoirs, gravity, and DIY systems via UQC quick connects
  • Fits all Geigerrig hydration engines for pressure-assisted filtration on the trail
  • Includes Miraguard™ Antimicrobial* Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media
  • Filter made in the USA

Removes:  Virus = 99.99%, Bacteris = 99.99%, Cysts= 99.99 %

Reduces:  PFOA/ PFOS, VOC’s, Herbicides, Pesticides, Lead, Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Pharmaceutical, Chlorine, Chemicals, and Cyanotoxins

Improves:  Taste, Odor, Color, & Clarity


  • Ready to filter up to 120 gal. of water, it’s useful for outdoor excursions, emergencies, international travel and more
  • Comes with an Aquamira RED Line filter; certified by IAPMO to EPA standards for the removal of viruses, bacteria, Cryptosporidium and Giardia in type-1 test water
  • Plug-and-play UQC (Universal Quick Connect) fittings allows easy integration into hydration packs by Geigerrig, Camelbak and other backpacking bladders
  • The Series IV filter that comes with the Max also integrates easily with the Aquamira SHIFT SS insulated water bottle (not included)
  • Certified to EPA Purifier Standards for the removal of viruses, bacteria, and protozoans in type-1 test water
  • Accepts any Aquamira Series IV filter (RED-Virus, GRN-Bacteria, BLU-Chemical)
  • BPA free and certified “lead free” to NSF/ANSI – 372 and reduces bio toxins, chlorine, chemicals, bad taste and odor
  • Certified filtration for 120 gal. (over 450L); up to 500ml/min. flow rate
  • Lightweight and portable at 7 oz. dry; rugged construction is built for extreme conditions
  • 2-button release prevents accidental disconnects
  • Quick Connect bite valve converts the Frontier Max into an emergency straw filter
  • Works in-line with Aquamira Pressurized Hydration systems

Technical Information

“The motivation behind the Frontier MAX filtration system was easy, we wanted a filter that does everything and does it better than anything else. So we told our engineers to get to work, and what they designed is the Frontier MAX. MAX because it does it all, and does it better than anything else. We wanted a filter that connected to hydration packs. The MAX incorporates our patented UQC connection system that allows you to connect it to any quick connect on the market. We wanted a filter that protected you from every biological threat that you might possibly encounter, so we included the Aquamira RED Line filter, the only outdoor and tactical filter system, certified* to EPA standards to remove >99.99% of viruses, 99.99999% of bacteria and 99.95% of protozoans for 120 gallons of in the field use. Biological threats are not the only things to worry about so the MAX is certified* lead free (ANSI/NSF-372) and is also BPA free, chemical free and iodine free. It reduces industrial chemicals, chlorine, bad taste and odors and has also been proven to remove microcystin and other biotoxins to safe levels.

The best thing about the MAX is that it connects to anything with a simple “”click”” and it accepts an array of Aquamira Series IV filters so that you can customize your system for whatever environment you find yourself in. It even comes with a patented Bite Me valve that converts the MAX to a filter straw with the same simple “”click””. Nothing is more versatile, Nothing provides more protection, and nothing else provides you with certified* claims. Anything else is just hype.

*Certifications by IAPMO R&T”

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