Camp Chef 16″ Professional Flat Top Griddle SG100


  • Cooking Dimensions: 16″ x 38″ (592 sq. in)
  • Cooking Area: 608 sq in.
  • Overall Dimensions: 18″ x 38″
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Fits: 16″ Cooking Systems
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Camp Chef 16″ Flat Top Griddle SG100


  • 16″ Cooking Systems


  • Cooking Dimensions: 16″ x 38″ (592 sq. in)
  • Cooking Area: 608 sq in.
  • Overall Dimensions: 18″ x 38″
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Made in China


  • Huge cooking area to handle large groups and lots of cooking
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • True Seasoned Finish steel griddle
  • Built-in heat diff-user plates distribute heat, eliminate “hot-spots”
  • High sides and grease drain
  • Convenient carry handle
  • This griddle fits over three burners on Camp Chef 16″ Cooking System stoves
  • Out of the box ready to cook in seconds
Whether you’re at the family reunion or tailgate party, sometimes you just have to cook a lot of food for a lot of people.
No matter the size of the crowd, the Professional Flat Top Griddle is big enough to get the job done.
From cooking to clean up, the restaurant style sides and convenient grease drain make this griddle simple and easy to use.
Heat diff-user plates have been added to evenly distribute heat and reduce hot spots on the griddle.
The griddle comes pre-seasoned with Camp Chef’s “True Seasoned Finish” making a natural cooking surface that is ready to use out of the box.

Camp Chef Price $ 190.00

About this Camp Chef 16″ Flat Top Griddle SG100

  • 【Compatibility】►Camping griddle replacement for Camp Chef SG100. ►Hisencn flat top griddle fit over 16 inch Camp Chef Three Burner stoves models GB90D, TB90LW, TB90, TB90LWG, TB90LWG15, SPG90B, CCH3. ►Also fit over 16″ Camp Chef 3 burner stoves PRO 90X, Explorer 3X Three-Burner Stove ►Fit over outdoor camping stove propane gas, two burner camp stove.
  • 【 Dimension & Material】►Griddle Cooking Dimensions: 16 in. x 38 in. Total Dimension: 37.9″L x17.5″W x2.8″ H. Weight: 39.5 lbs. ►Hisencn flat top griddle for gas grill, camp chef professional griddle stove adopts a heavy-duty steel construction, which is firm, durable and heats faster. ►It’s nonstick, easy to clean, and stands up to scrapers and chainmail scrubber scrubbing. 【Please measure the area you want covered to see if you need this smaller griddle or a larger one. 】
  • 【Thoughtful Design】►Oil Drip Port: the unique kitchen waste treatment design of Fry Griddle Top allows you to deal with food debris and waste oil ideally during cooking. ► Humanized Design: the raised baffle can prevent oil stains and food splashes. The lower baffle prevents the fire from being blown by the wind while cooking. ►Built-in heat diffuser plates distribute heat, the fry griddle for camp chef stove can withstand high temperatures with a coating on the surface and even heating.
  • 【Clean & Season】►After grilling, use a scrapper to scrape food residue form outdoor stove top griddle. Cleaning it while it was still hot with warm water and a rag or chainmail scrubber. Finally, small fire drying griddle, wipe a layer of oil on the griddle, wiping the cooking surface with a clean rag and repeat several times, then it can be stored in a carry bag after being kept dry.
  • 【Multiple Use】Camp griddle for camping, tailgating, to the park or just grilling outdoors. Grill and fry all at the same time. You can make pancakes, bacon, eggs, vegetables, salmon, shrimp and whatever you like by using Hisencn professional flat top griddle plate.

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