Camp Chef Extra Large Griddle Bag SGB40


Large Griddle Bag SGB-40

Fits: SG100

  • Bag Size: 18″ x 41″ x 1.18″


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Camp Chef Extra Large Griddle Bag


  • SG100


  • Bag Size: 18″ x 41″ x 1.18″
  • Weather-resistant liner
  • Wrap handle for added support
  • Durable construction
  • Large, industrial EZ Glide Zipper

Store and transport your flat-top griddle with convenience and ease. Durable construction.

Bag features wrap handles.

See bag dimensions to ensure correct fit.

About this Camp Chef Extra Large Griddle Bag SGB40

  • Fits Model: SG100
  • Weather-Resistant Liner
  • Large, Industrial EZ Glide Zipper
  • Wrap Handle for Added Support
  • 18″ x 41″ x 1.18″
  • Product Care:  Hand Wash Only
  • Color:  Black

According to Daniel C

The griddle weighs a ton, and while it doesn’t get used a lot, it’s invaluable. As such, I use this bag a lot for storage and when needed transport. The two zippers allow me to meet in the middle and use the handle welded on the ridiculously heavy griddle as opposed to the ones on the bag. I suppose I should be able to trust them, but it’s so heavy and I can use the metal one, so why not.

Anyway, the bag fits as you’d expect, and while the weight of the griddle makes any operation cumbersome, the zipper and overall design do their part to help. 5 stars for the solid build, great fit, double zippers (which allows me to use the metal handle on the griddle), and overall design than makes adding/removing the griddle as easy as it could be.

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