Coghlan’s 2 Egg Holder BPA Free


Carry a couple of eggs along with this Coghlan’s Two Egg holder and whip up a breakfast feast next time you’re camping or backpacking.

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Coghlan’s 2 Egg Holder

  • Holds 2 eggs
  • BPA Free
  • Clean, compact and unbreakable storage
  • Molded handles make for easy carrying
  • Made in China
  • Provides clean, compact and unbreakable storage for 2 small- to medium-size eggs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) = 4.70 x 3.99 x 3.40 Inches

Coghlan’s 2-Egg Holder – Designed for short trips into the outdoors, the egg holder is a compact and durable storage solution for two eggs.

Carrier is made from virtually unbreakable plastic that won’t crush.

I bought three sets of these so I could easily buy 1/2 dozen on the road while cycle camping. I prefer three sets of 2 to the 6 set because it is easier to fit three 2-egg holders around other items in my panniers than it is to find one spot big enough for the 6-egg holder.  My method is to make sure the more narrow, pointed end of the egg is fitted into the smooth end of the holder. The fatter end of the egg rests in end with the prongs. I have never worried about the size of shape of the egg and, using this method, I have never had a problem.

Hard boiled eggs are my go to breakfast almost every day, they’re also my go to snack when traveling and sometimes become lunch too. I used to boil the eggs before work or several eggs before a weekend trip and let them cool off in my coat pocket on the way to where-ever. Then I’d sometimes reach into my pocket a couple hours or days later and it would be a nasty mess. It became a running joke with my coworkers and friends.

Well! Now I have this! This perfectly solves that problem without adding much bulk or weight. I am thrilled with this product for this purpose.

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