Emergency Signaling Mirror

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  • Robust High Impact Plastic Signaling Device
  • Suns Reflection Can be Seen for Many Miles
  • Measures: 3″ x 2″
  • Total Weight: .08 oz.
  • Made in China

Use this Device to simply reflect the Sun’s rays towards a search & rescue helicopter / aircraft or rescuers to attract their attention. Place the back of the mirror close to one eye, peering through the view finder; reflect sunlight onto your hand or a nearby object. Then search for rescuers, once located rotate mirror with an up and down motion so sunlight is reflected and flashes rescuers.

Warning: Never Look Directly at the Sun.

Signaling Survival Tip: If possible use fire, bright flame at night or black smoke by day. Utilize a flashlight or the flash of a camera at night. Make a signaling mirror form the metal of an aircraft or vehicle, women check for vanity mirrors. Use contrasting debris to make large signs on a clear area or beach.

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