GI Issue Canteen Cover 2 QT. Green


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Fleece-lined collapsible canteen cover features two ALICE Belt Attaching Clips, small pocket for purification tablet bottle.


8″T x 6″W x 3″D

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GI Issue Canteen Cover 2 QT. Green


  • Heavy Duty Nylon
  • Fleece Lined for Insulation
  • Removable, Adjustable Nylon Shoulder Strap
  • ALICE Clips For Attaching to Pistol Belt
  • Constructed of a durable, washable fabric.
  • Size: 9” x 8.5” x 3”
  • Note:: Canteen Not Included.

The 2 Qt canteen cover is insulated to keep your canteen contents at the perfect temperature.

The 2 QT. canteen cover comes with 2 Metal Alice Clips so that you can attach it to your ALICE equipment.

The GI Issue Canteen Cover 2 Qt. are made to the same specs as the original US military version with a rugged and durable nylon material. They will hold a two quart collapsible canteen, small side pocket great for holding water purification tablets and other small accessories. The front access has a quick release buckle for easy & fast access.

Item is compatible with the GI 2qt Canteen.

Nylon with pile lining.

Covers will keep your water cool

Constructed of rugged and durable ballistic weave material Insulated interior

Two metal slide lock keepers/ALICE clip for attaching to bags or other equipment some have the Alice clip and some do not!

Hook and loop pocket for water tabs

Drain Hole

These are Used but in Great Condition.  May have some dirt marks or stains.  Some have Metal Alice Clips and some do not.  Will sale the Metal Alice Clip ones first.

NSN # 8465-00-927-7485

Color:  Green

Made in: USA

US Government Paid $ 20.00 or more for these

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