GI Issue Wet Weather Poncho Liner ACU or Wobbie


  • Outer Shell 100% Nylon
  • Batting 100% Polyester
  • Measures 82″ x 62″
  • Total Weight = 1.25 lbs.
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 GI Wet Weather Poncho Liner or Woobie

The Wet Weather Poncho Liner, also informally known as a Woobie, is a piece of field gear originating in the United States military that can be attached to a standard issue poncho to provide additional warmth, as well as being usable as a blanket, sleeping bag or protective cover. The Wet Weather Poncho Liner is made constructed with quilted nylon with a polyester filling. It is attached to the poncho by tying the strings through the poncho’s eyelets. The Wet Weather Poncho Liner is ACU Camo on both sides with a Foil-age Green tape / binding around the edges.

Color: ACU

  • Poncho Liner Features:
  • Lightweight, Rip-stop Nylon, in a Quilted Pattern
  • Ties Along Sides and Corners
  • Provides Warmth in Mild Temperatures
  • ACU Digital Camo both sides.
  • Warm and Lightweight Blanket
  • Great For Travel And Camping
  • Retains heat even when wet
  • Material: Polyester Fill Inside Nylon Fabric .
  • Outer Shell 100% Nylon
  • Batting 100% Polyester
  • Measures 82″ x 62″
  • Condition: New
  • Total Weight = 1.25 lbs.
  • NSN 8405-01-547-2559
  • As Is No Warranty!
  • Made in China

US Government Paid $80.00 or More for the GI Wet Weather Poncho Liner

About this item

  • Multi -use- Poncho Liner: This essential piece of military survival gear provides warmth and insulation against most weather elements and temperature protection which make for the ultimate camping and outdoor blanket. Camo Pattern is both sides
  • MILITARY STYLE CONSTRUCTION: Tightly woven nylon fabric insulated with quick-dry polyester batting is reinforced with wave-pattern insulating quilting. Features 8 pairs of tie cords attached around edges with reinforced bar-tack stitching
  • Measurements: This Poncho Liner is approximately 62 by 82 inches total length and weighs 1.75 pounds with compression sack. Includes military-issue style Compression Stuff Sack which reduces space and volume
  • Versatility: Use as a quick-dry beach blanket, stadium blanket, make-shift survival shelter, sun canopy, hammock insulator, pillow, tent divider, privacy screen, emergency carry litter, seat cover, pet bed, disaster relief, concealment blind, carry satchel, backpacking blanket, sleeping bag or tent insulator, and much more

GI Wet Weather Poncho Liner is Great!!

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