GSI Escape HS 2L Collapsible Cooking Pot



GSI Escape HS 2L Collapsible Cooking Pot – Blue

Maximum performance, minimal space – an incredibly efficient collapsible pot

Save space, save fuel – which save even more space – and get cooking. The Escape’s hybrid design combines the pack-ability and light weight of silicone with a highly efficient hyper-conductive anodized base. It cooks 30% faster – meaning less fuel – and takes up 53% less space in your pack. That’s a lot. The design details are super smart. The lid doubles as a strainer and has integrated silicone thumb-pads to help prevent burns. Dual bail handles make pick-up easy, then fold out of the way and lock the lid in place. The silicone has graduations molded in, so measurements are always accurate, and – if you want – you can nest other Escape tableware pieces inside. The Escape HS is maximum pot for minimal space.

About GSI Escape HS 2L Collapsible Cooking Pot -Blue

  • For the longest time, the choice between silicone and metal pots was a choice between space and speed, between efficient packing and fuel efficiency, but with the Escape HS line, collapsible pots finally grow up.
  • Starting from an incredible, compacting footprint which saves 53% or more space in your pack and adding a lightweight, crush proof, strainer lid with burn-preventing, silicone thumb-pads, dual bail handles which lock the lid in place when traveling, handy, molded-in graduations.
  • Just the right amount of spare space to nest our other Escape tableware items inside to build a complete, amazingly space-efficient set, these pots have been designed to cook, carry, combine and camp just like your favorite GSI Outdoors metal pots.
  • But the real breakthroughs which lift the Escape HS Pots above the pack come from the bottom up where the hard anodized base is built around an incredible, hyper-conducting heat-sink which cooks 30% faster and saves 30% more fuel for even more space savings in your pack.

About GSI Escape HS 2L Collapsible Cooking Pot – Blue

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: Collapses down to 1.9 inches (49 mm) in height to leave more room in your pack; weighs only 18.3 oz (517 g) for ultimate pack-ability.
  • NON-STICK COATING: Hard anodized base with Teflon and Radiance non-stick coating; improves thermal conductivity, increases scratch resistance, and never sticks.
  • EFFICIENT COOKING: Features a conductive heat sink that speeds up boil times, reduces fuel consumption, and protects the silicone from stove flames.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Made of flexible, high-grade, stain-resistant, and odor-resistant silicone that’s sure to last many seasons and adventures.
  • CLEVER FEATURES: Strainer lid with silicone thumb pads that always stay cool to the touch; bail handles that lock in place for pouring and fold away for storage; molded in graduations for measuring.
  • Made in China

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