GSI Outdoors Santoku Knife 7 Pc. Set


Every knife to slice, dice, chop, cut, prep and pare!

Dimensions:  11.6 in x 7.5 in x 2

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Every knife to slice, dice, chop, cut, prep and pare!

The Santoku Knife Set is a gourmet prep set perfect for camping, the beach or backyard cooking. Keep all your prep gear securely and neatly organized no matter where your knife skills are.


  • 4″ Paring Knife with Sheath
  • 6″ Santoku Chef’s Knife with Sheath
  • 6″ Serrated Bread Knife with Sheath
  • Folding Cutting Board
  • Soap Bottle
  • Dish Cloth
  • Ballistic Nylon Case

Dimensions:  11.6 in x 7.5 in x 2

The knives are excellent and super sharp. And the kit fits pretty much anywhere.


  • Compact stainless-steel blades are rockered for kitchen prep and other camp use
  • Protective sheaths ensure safe handling and help maintain sharpness
  • Ergonomic rubber handles provide a steady grip
  • Folding cutting board is easy to carry and unfolds to reveal a generous 12.6 x 9 in. prep surface
  • Quick-drying, microfiber cleaning cloth has a soft, nonabrasive side for delicate items and a rough, scouring side for scrubbing
  • Includes 4 in. paring knife with sheath; 6 in. chef’s knife with sheath; 6 in. serrated knife with sheath; folding cutting board; soap bottle; dish cloth; nylon case
  • Ballistic nylon outer case keeps everything organized

Dice fragrant onions, slice through juicy tomatoes and halve fluffy bagels!

CAUTION: Blades are extremely sharp. Always store blades with protective sheaths in place. Keep away from children and pets.  Always store with protective sheaths in place when not in use.

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