Katadyn Vario Replacement Cartridge


For great tasting, potable water trip after trip simply replace the cartridge in your Katadyn® Vario Microfilter.

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Katadyn Vario Replacement Cartridge        # 8014933

Cartridge capacity: Approximately 500 gallons before cartridge replacement (depending on water quality).

Multi-Stage Filtration System: a simple turn configures the filter for longer life in dirty water or maximum flow in normal conditions.

Fast Water Flow: Produces of to 2 qt. per minute in “faster Flow” mode and 1 qt. per minute in “longer Life” mode.

Carbon Core: Replaceable carbon keeps water tasting fresh. Reduces chemicals, odors, and toxins through life of cartridge.

  • Cartridge should be replaced after 2,000 liters or when the output becomes too slow
  • For maximum cartridge life use the Vario Microfilter in “longer life” mode, which produces one quart per minute

For great tasting, potable water trip after trip simply replace the cartridge in your Katadyn® Vario Microfilter.

Katadyn Vario Replacement Cartridge is Swiss Made

About Katadyn Vario Replacement Cartridge

  • Pleated Filter Portion
  • Package Height Of The Item Is 3.125″
  • Package Length Of The Item Is 7.125″
  • Package Width Of The Item Is 3.125″
  • Replacement main filter cartridge for Katadyn Vario
  • Includes pleated filter with activated carbon core and silicon lubricant

Replacement Cartridge – Cartridge capacity is up to 500 gallons depending on water quality. Micro-filtration method 0.3 Micron high surface area pleated glass fiber micro-filter removes waterborne bacteria and cysts
Cartridge Capacity: up to 500 gallons [1875 liters], depending on water quality

Technical Information

  • Glass-fiber and carbon filter replacement element for Vario Micro-filter
  • Replaceable activated carbon core improves the taste of the water and absorbs chemicals such as chlorine and VOCs
  • 0.3 micrion glass-fiber membrane removes microbiological organisms such as bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, and spores

The new Vario filter cartridge is already filled with activated carbon granules which reduces chemicals and dramatically improves the taste & odor of filtered water. Activated Carbon capacity depends on water quality. Normal effective lifespan of carbon is 50 gallons (200 liters). High chemical or odor concentration can reduce the capacity of the carbon. Replace the carbon when you notice a change in taste or odor after filtering, or after 6 months of constant use – whichever comes first. It’s a good idea to have extra activated carbon granules on hand for quick replacement in the field if necessary.

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