Log Cabin Dutch Oven Left Overs PDF Cookbook By Colleen Sloan


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Log Cabin Dutch Oven Left Overs PDF By Colleen Sloan
When I was a kid out on the farm, I always wondered why—the words “Left -Overs” made the kids around me want to cry. At dinner time my mom would call, “The supper’s on the table”– so we came running thru the yard and most times from the stable. No matter what my mom would fix she’d always fix it special—she’d bring the leftovers from the ice box and put them on a new level. A pinch of this a cup of that, and something new to spice it,—a few bread crumbs a little cheese and those words of wisdom “try it you’ll like it.” Those days on the farm are long since gone and my kids are long since raised, so this book of “Left-Overs” I wrote for you. To stretch your monies and tell—-the many recipes, stories and such that I hope “Will ring your bell.”

The book covers chicken, beef, turkey, pork, ham, breads, desserts, stews, soups, casseroles and some 143 pages of fun recipes.


This is for PDF only it is no longer in print!!

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