Log Cabin Holidays & Traditions Dutch Oven PDF Cookbook By Colleen Sloan


  • Some 300 pages of good old family traditions that go with good Dutch Oven food
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“What a great word” my Grandma us to say!. All of my grandparents made the Holidays a real special time for us as children. It’s taken me 4 years to complete the research on this book and what a great time I’ve had. Learning all of the old traditions and finding out how they celebrated the holidays many years ago has really brought a special feeling for the Pioneers. Many people do not know what is meant by the Good Old Days, but I do and so do my children. I hope you will enjoy this book and possibly learn form their experiences. The games they played. The stories they told. The goods they cooked and the Love they shared were a big part of our history.

  • Some 300 pages of good old family traditions that go with good Dutch Oven food.
  • It also covers the basics plus how to season, store, and clean your Dutch Oven.
  • By Colleen Sloan
  • Made in: USA

It took four years of research into family and cultural history to find all the old traditions, games, and recipes found in this wonderful book. “Grandma’s” cooking was unique. She used the necessities and whatever else she found.

Gourmet was not a word in her vocabulary.

All holidays from New Years through Christmas are covered.

Folks celebrated the holidays with strong traditions years ago and this book will bring it all back to you.

Of course, we put in a lot about Apple Cider Vinegar.

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