Maca 12″ x 16″ x 9″ Deep Cast Iron Camp Dutch Oven 20 qt.


The $306.00 is the new 2022 price for the next shipment!!!

Recipes for your new dutch oven can be found here.


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Maca 12″ x 16″ x 9″ Oval Dutch Oven with the Elk design on top of lid.

  • Main dishes-60 servings, Side dishes-95 servings.

9″ Deep Inside = 20 qt.
Cast Iron-62 lbs total weight…………Shipping around $80.00 or more but will adjust each order depending upon your zip code.

Maca 12″ Oval Dutch Oven shape and large size is designed for a large Turkey. It will perfectly cook a 20lb Turkey to perfection. There is no divider option on this oven. This Oven is easier to move around because of its oval design than a round oven of the same volume.

We put more metal in our Dutch Ovens.  Besides significantly reducing burning, this means our Dutch Ovens absorb, distribute and retain heat more effectively than other ovens on the market.  Plus the heavier lid enhances the pressure cooker effect that keeps meats, cakes and other foods tender and moist.

MACA Dutch Ovens are much deeper than regular Ovens.  This gives added versatility and opens up a world of possibilities.  Make enough stew to feed the whole troop of hungry scouts or utilize the extra depth to add the unique Dutch Oven flavor to Thanksgiving Day Turkey, whole racks of ribs or Holiday Hams.  If it fits into your oven at home, it will fit into your MACA Deep Dutch Oven.

Made in India = they will not come in as smooth as a Lodge or a Camp Chef.  They use a sand mold to pour these so they are a little rough!

When purchasing a Dutch oven one should always keep in mind that, like any quality hand made product, cast iron Dutch ovens are not “perfect”. Each oven has its own unique characteristics and markings that distinguish it from another oven. These markings are not flaws in the quality or workmanship of the oven. Nor do they in anyway diminish the ovens cooking quality. The quality of a Dutch oven is mostly on the “inside”. Such characteristics as the type of metal used, the quality of the casting, the thickness of the sides, and strict adherence to the best castings procedures in the industry are most important for Dutch oven performance and durability.

MACA is an industrial foundry, not a culinary specialty company!  So the Dutch Ovens will not be perfect!  The ovals are currently a hand processed!!

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