Optimus Anodized Aluminum Terra Solo Cook Set

Kit includes:
  •  0.6 L saucepan with pouring lip and measuring marks (mL and oz),
  • fry pan that doubles as a lid,
  • mesh storage bag
  • Hard anodized aluminum construction


The Optimus Terra Solo is an ultralight .6 liter cook-set consisting of a pot and a small fry pan. The cook-set will easily hold an Optimus 110 gram fuel canister, Crux or Crux Lite stove and a folding spork for increased convenience and efficiency.

Key features include hard anodized aluminum construction, raised graduations for accurate measuring, fold away insulated handles, a pouring spout and a mesh stuff bag.

The Terra Solo is a single person cookware set that’s lightweight, well designed and very affordable.

  • Hard anodized aluminum construction
  • Embossed measuring marks
  • Wrap-around handles
  • Holds Crux or Crux Lite stove, 110 g fuel canister and folding spork (not included)
  • Fry Pan that doubles as a Lid
  • 0.6 L saucepan with pouring lip and measuring marks
  • Made in Sweden

You may go fast, light and solo, but sausages on a stick for dinner aren’t cutting it.

Pair our efficient Optimus stoves with the Terra Solo Cook Set that – of course! — is made of rugged anodized aluminum.

At a mere 200 g, the Terra Solo Cook Set with its two cookware pieces gets a scrummy dinner prepped quickly and on your plate when you’re tired and hungry.

Or take your time and enjoy the sunset as the stew simmers.

You get a pot with pour spot and a tough-as-nails fry pan (doubles as a pot lid).

Make your mom proud by keeping it neat in the mesh carry bag.

Inside, magically find room to also stash our titanium cutlery set and any Optimus gas stove too.

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