OvaEasy French Toast Mix 8 Slices


French Toast Mix 8 Slices

  • Net Weight:  3.5 oz.
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OvaEasy’s French Toast Mix uses all-natural, dried whole egg crystals that replaces fresh eggs, dried egg powders, liquid eggs and frozen eggs.

OvaEasy provides you with all the benefits of a dried egg powder but with a natural fresh taste. Packed in 3.5 oz. pouches, the French Toast Mix gives you a measure of added convenience even while roughing it. Ideal for emergency preparedness kits, or for use as a lightweight food item to be taken on hiking and camping trips. you will need to make use of your own bread. Properly stored, this product is shelf-stable for months, needs no refrigeration, and when reconstituted provide an easy-to-prepare breakfast product that is both delicious and nutritious! You lose none of the taste that you would have expected from actual farm fresh eggs.


  • Includes OvaEasy egg crystals, dried non-fat milk, sugar and cinnamon
  • All natural ingredients – No artificial preservatives
  • All you do is add  water (and provide your own bread)
  • Each pouch includes enough mix to make approximately 8 slices of French Toast
  • 30 month shelf life
  • Net Weight:  3.5 oz.

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