Cook Partner 2 Burner 22″ Propane Stove With Windscreen


  • Cooking Surface: 12.5″W x 22.5″L
  • Closed Case Size: 22.5″L x 12.5″W x 3.5″T with handle is is 3.75″
  • Inside: 11.75″ W x 21.5″ L
  • 2 Individually Controlled Burners
  • Total BTU’s: 20,000
  • Total Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Comes with 5′ hose with Regulator and bulk tank hookup

These stoves will not connect to a quick connect on on RV…..the PSI on the RV is to low.  These stove are a high pressure regulator.


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Partner Steel Cook Partner 2 Burner 22 inch Propane Stove With Windscreen

Our newest stove is 22″ wide. We have incorporated some important features requested by users.

Additionally, the grill spacing has been reduced over the burner plates so that a small coffee cup can be warmed.

The windscreen is a standard feature with this stove.

The Partner Steel Cook Partner 2 Burner 22″ Propane Stove With Windscreen is designed for a breezy environment. Comes in 22″ width.  All stoves are made from high grade aluminum, and hand welded by our expert, professional welders. The grills are Stainless Steel and the gas manifolds are Brass. Other than the burners, the entire stove is designed to remain rust-free and very low maintenance, providing years of service even in the most harsh environments. All stoves come with regulator and hoses.

Capacity: 2 Burners

  • Cooking Surface: 12.5″W x 22.5″L
  • Closed Case Size: 22.5″L x 12.5″W x 3.5″T with handle is is 3.75″
  • Inside: 11.75″ W x 21.5″ L

Lid: 22-7/16″ wide x 12-1/2″ deep
Stove without lid: 3-3/8″ tall x 21-7/8″ wide x 12-3/16″ deep

Shipping Box Size = 23″ x 13″ x 3.5″

The Partner Steel Cook Partner 2 Burner 22″ Propane Stove With Windscreen info

  • 2 Individually Controlled Burners
  • Center of burner to Center of burner = 12″
  • Center of burner to side = 5″
  • Total BTU’s: 20,000= 10,000 BTU’s each Burner
  • Total Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Made of 0.080 Gauge Aluminum = 12 gauge
  • Comes with hose and regulator for bulk tank hookup.
  • Hose is a 27 psi hose
  • Carry handles and rugged latches
  • Recessed knobs and propane connections
  • Wind screen is included
  • Each burner has its own needle valve control. This allows you to individually regulate the different burners.
  • All hoses are equipped with a safety valve. This automatically stops the flow of gas even when someone forgets to shut off the propane tank.
  • The stove’s regulator has a brass hand wheel type stem that doesn’t require a wrench.
  • Our unique grill/burners are designed to lift out of the stove case in one piece. This makes for easy cleaning of the aluminum case and stainless steel grill.
  • The handles, latches, hinges, and attaching tabs are all installed with aircraft-type solid rivets; no hollow “pop” rivets are used.
  • The stove’s tough 5052 grade aluminum case with 5/16 diameter 304 grade solid stainless steel grill, provides many years of sturdy, rustproof service.
  • Sorry top can not be used as a BBQ.
  • Made in: USA !!

It’s hands down the best made stove you can buy for what it does. It’s made to go down a river and make dinner. It’s well made. Heavy and solid. I would not use anything but Partner Steel Cook Partner Stoves!

Sometimes the lid or other spots can have some scratches!!  These are hand made!! 

Plus by the end of the day their fingers are dirty so you probably will have finger prints on your stove.  Just goes to show that they are really hand made!!!! 

It might even have my finger prints because I check them all before they leave the store!!  Just to make sure all the parts are there and the hook up is on the side that you want.

PDF for cook-partner-trouble-shooting

How to Fix Low Flame on Your Stove

That brand new stove is calling your name. You head outside, connect the propane tank, fire up the burners-and nothing but a tiny flame lights up. Sound familiar?

Why Does Low Flame Happen?

Low flame issues are common with any kind of propane stove because of the safety mechanism in each regulator. Regulators are designed with a special mechanism to limit gas flow in the event of a leak.

Here’s the idea. If your gas appliance had a leak you didn’t know about, and you turned on the propane tank, fuel would be leaked into the air next to a stove with an open flame. Can you spell “bad news”?

With its safety mechanism, the regulator can instead detect an excess flow of propane and reduce it. What you’re left with is a “low flow” of propane through the hose and a weak flame. Crisis averted.

How Do You Fix Low Flame?

Safety is important, of course. But you’d rather be cooking instead of staring at cold burners. Lucky for you, and everyone waiting for dinner, this problem is easy to fix.

  • First, turn off your stove and close the propane tank. Make sure everything is in the off position before you disconnect the regulator.
  • Disconnect the regulator from the tank and let it sit for several seconds. This time allows the regulator to reset.
  • Reattach the regulator to the tank, and perform a leak test. Brush a 50/50 soap and water solution over the hose and each connection point. That includes the point where the regulator meets the tank, where the hose meets the stove, where the valves attach to the manifold, and the length of the manifold itself.
  • Slowly open the tank valve, giving it a half turn to start. If you hear a rushing sound or see “growing” bubbles anywhere you’ve applied the soapy water, turn everything off. You have a leak. To fix it, try tightening the connections or order a new part. Don’t use your appliance until you’ve repaired the leak or replaced the faulty equipment.
  • If you didn’t notice any leaks, you can now try lighting the stove. Ignite the burners and adjust the heat-control knobs to test.
  • If the flame looks normal, you’re ready to go!!
  • Test your stove with a different propane tank. You might just be running low on fuel.
  • Test your stove with a different hose and regulator. Be sure to perform a leak test on this hose and regulator before lighting the stove.

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