Partner Steel Johnny Partner River Toilet with Day Tripper Tank


  • Total Weight:  35 lbs. everything hose ect.
  • Capacity of 30 person days
  • Total Height with the Toilet Seat 16.5″

Sorry, I do not have a picture of the Day Tripper total unit. Look at the Day Tripper image please!  Notice it does not have the side handles!!

The Factory is about 3 week to 4 weeks behind!!

Available on backorder

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This large aluminum tank system by Partner Steel is the favorite of outfitters and has a stable 12″x 12″ base, is easy to set up and easy to transport.

Clean in a SCAT power cleaning machine or use included funnel and hose attachment at an RV dump.

Cover has a tight seal rubber gasket.

  • Capacity is 30 Man Days
  • Total Weight:  35 lbs. everything hose ect.
  • 12″x 12″ base and 15″ high
  • Total Height with the Toilet Seat 16.5″
  • Dry weight: 17 lbs
  • Filled weight: approx. 60 lbs
  • Collar clamp & gasket prevent spillage even upside down
  • Funnel & hose make it easy to empty at RV station dump station
  • 5 pound pressure relief valve
  • Super stable and strong for bigger rafters
  • Made in: USA

Our “Jon-ny Partner” is your camp-site’s best friend. This comes with a sealing lid for transporting.

Since it is all aluminum construction, odors will not build up as does in plastic units.

Keep the lid closed and when finished using them on a trip just spray them out good with water and and make sure they are dry before sealing the lid. Do not use any chemicals in them, as they could eat through the aluminum.

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