Partner Steel Stretcher Table


Stretcher Table

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Legs that Latch
* Aluminum Counter Top
* Corners are Open
* Long enough to tie-down on a Raft
* Use as a table for camping
* Designed as a backboard to go in a Helicopter
* No more back strain 32.5″ Tall
* Locking legs – can’t fall open to hit you in the shins
* Aluminum counter top is easy to keep clean
* Corners are open for easy tie-down

6′ Long
* 22 1/2″ Wide
* 32 1/2″ Tall
* Weighs 34 lbs.

Made in the USA!!
Partner Steel Stretcher Table able is all aluminum construction and measures 23″ wide 72″ long and stands 32″ high.

The surface is rigid and has slots strategically placed for tie-down straps and hand-holds are provided in each of the 4 corners, if it should ever be needed as a stretcher.

This might have to be shipped as an over sized package!!!  So, that will cost a little more to ship because of that.

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