Riley Stove Matt Dillon Chimney Oven


  • Matt Dillon Oven
  • 14″ x 23″ x 13″   
  • 32 lb.
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Riley Stove Matt Dillon Chimney Oven  14″ x 23″ x 13″

Total Weight: 32 lbs.

This oven takes a 5 inch pipe in and out.

Bake a casserole, pie or even a turkey in these chimney ovens!!  (Shelves are removable)
3 ways to control oven temperature!
  • The stove draft control
  • The oven damper
  • The oven relief vent

Chimney Ovens can be adapted to any of our stoves. 

Simply close the chimney damper, and your meal cooks as air circulates around the outer jacket.

The temperature may range as high as 500°F. 

Ovens are uniquely designed to adjust temperature for baking purposes!

The Riley Chimney Ovens are of very high quality and can be easily adapted to any one of our stoves.Th Simply close the oven damper and your meal cooks as the air circulates around the outer jacket. The temperature may range as high as 500 degrees. There are three ways to control the oven temperature; by the stove draft control, the oven damper and the oven relief vent(s) in the oven door. A casserole, pie or even a turkey can be baked in this oven! Treat yourself to some real food! The Miss Kitty or the Matt Dillon Ovens will break down into small packages that are easy to transport by horse, mule, human etc.

What’s in the box? Matt Dillon Oven – Inside Shelf – Oven Stand Pipe – Legs

Made in the USA!!

Oven Thermometer – do not rely on what it says. The inside temperature will be 200 ̊ hotter than it shows on the thermometer. The chimney oven doors are double to prevent warping

Riley Stove Matt Dillon Chimney Oven

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