Riley Stove Small Stove Combo with Miss Kitty Oven


Small Combination Package includes the following items:

  • Miss Kitty Oven (13″x18″x13″),
  • 5 gallon Water Tank,
  • Large Shelf (8 1/2″x20″),
  • and Oven Side Shelf (10″x12″), 6′ of pipe.

We ship these from the Warehouse!!  We do not stock them in the store.

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Riley Stove Small Combo

For the Smaller Bunch

Wrangler Stove and Miss Kitty oven,

5 gallon water tank, large shelf, and oven side shelf and 6′ of pipe. 

Total weight is 59½ lbs.

Riley Stove Combinations are perfect for the entire kitchen setup.
Stove Combinations include temperature controlled ovens, warming shelves and hot water tanks that are especially designed for either large groups or smaller groups.
Accessories are removable, and everything fits inside of these stoves, except for the temperature controlled ovens.

The Wrangler is light weight (only 23 lbs.) sturdy and compact, the legs are easily removed for transport. The fire box measures 16″ W x 13″ H x 26″ L (with a 5″ chimney hole). Heats a 14’x18′ plus wall tent very easily and holds heat for six to eight hours. The total weight of the Wrangler and Small Combination Package is 60 lbs.

Riley Stove Small Combination Package includes the following items: Wrangler Stove, Miss Kitty oven (13″x18″x13″), 5 gallon water tank, large shelf (8 1/2″x20″), and oven side shelf (10″x12″), 6′ of pipe.
Chimney Ovens are of very high quality and can easily adapt to any one of our stoves. Simply close the chimney damper and your meal cooks as the air circulates around the outer jacket. The temperature may range as high as 500 degrees. There are three ways to control the oven temperature: by the stove draft control, the oven damper and the oven relief vent. A casserole, a pie or even a turkey can be baked in this oven. The Miss Kitty or the Matt Dillon ovens will break down into small packages that are easy to transport by horse or mule.

Everything fits inside the stove and oven for transporting and storage.

Riley Stoves are quality constructed for a lifetime of satisfaction featuring:

  • Galvanized steel for rust prevention (18 – 24 gauge)
  • Non-warp top will support 300 lbs.
  • Double air cooled bottom and walls
  • Compact and sturdy air tight design
  • Light weight for ease of transportation
  • Nesting system – everything fits inside the stove
  • Large draft for easy lighting
  • Used and approved by the USFS
  • Full five year warranty

Oven Thermometer – do not rely on what it says. The inside temperature will be 200 ̊ hotter than it shows on the thermometer. The chimney oven doors are double to prevent warping

Riley Stove Small Combo comes with Miss Kitty Oven

  • Wrangler Stove
  • Miss Kitty chimney oven
  • 5 gallon water tank
  • large shelf
  • oven side shelf
  • and 6′ of pipe.
  • Total weight is 59½ lb.

Will the galvanized coating on the stove bother me?

It will not because the galvanized coating becomes liquefied when it gets hot, and it is not possible to breathe the hot liquid.  The only smell that burns off the stove is the oil from the metal.  All sheet metals, including black iron, have this oil on them from the foundry to keep them from sticking together.

Please NOTE: When you first operate your stove the galvanizing will liquefy for about 5 to 7 minutes.  At this stage, it will bake onto the metal to form a protective coating.

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