Riley Stove Sour Dough Warming Oven or Side Oven


  • With Two Removable Shelves
  • 11½” l x 17″ w x 11″ h
  • Total Weight = 14 lb.
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2 Bread Pans, 9″ Pie, or casserole dish

Weight: 14 lbs.

Hand Made in the USA!!

Riley ovens are built with double insulated bottoms to prevent scorching.

These handy ovens hang on the side of any stove (like hot water tanks and warming shelves). 

It works best for baking when it is set on top of the stove. 

They are designed with double bottoms and work best for baking when set on top of stove.  The unique air pocket in the bottom prevents scorching.

Oven Thermometer – do not rely on what it says.

The inside temperature will be 200 ̊ hotter than it shows on
the thermometer. The chimney oven doors are double to
prevent warping

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