Riley Stove Trail Boss Wood Burning & Pellet Stove

  • Measures 18″W x 28″L x 13″D
    Includes burner, hopper, 8 ft. of pipe and legs
    Weighs 60 lbs.

Riley Stove has Discontinued this stove!

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Trail Boss Wood Burning Stove with Pellet Burner
Measures 18″W x 28″L x 13″D
Includes burner, hopper, 8 ft. of pipe and legs
Weighs 60 lbs.

Hand Made in the USA!!

Provides 8 hours of heat with a 40 lb. sack of pellets while generating even and consistent heat.

These Stoves are VERY Hot DO NOT Leave Unattended!!

Unique …..This stove is the perfect answer for the outdoors man, rancher, farmer or any other person spending time in hunting camp, calving, lambing shed, on cold weather excursions to a remote cabin or for operating in an area low in natural fuels.

Convenient….The Riley Pellet Stove® operates without the restrictions of conventional pellet stoves—-it does NOT require electricity to operate.

The burner unit is gravity fed and has an effective design that allows it to generate its own air flow. Besides being practical, these features make it ideal for an emergency heat source during power outages or for emergency services operations.

As with all Riley Stoves, The Riley Pellet Stove® is light weight, has an airtight design and has the capability to store all its accessories (Pellet burner, smoke pipe, and legs) inside the fire box.

Riley Pellet Stoves® are also constructed from galvanized steel and come with a patented air cooled bottom that is almost impossible to burn through. They are manageable, maintainable, pack-able and easily transported from one location to another.

Full 5 year Warranty!!
On all pellet stoves you do not use any type of damper at all or a spark arrester.

NOTE: Pellet stoves do not work at elevations over 8,000 feet due to the lack of oxygen at higher elevations! 

Perfect for ranchers, farmers and any outdoors-man spending time in a hunting camp, calving/lambing shed, cold weather excursions and areas that are low in natural fuels.

1. Clean burner once a day or every other day.
2. Use high quality premium pellets as they work best. Most premium pellets are made from hardwood and burn cleaner, longer and hotter in tent pellet stoves.
3. Insure that your stove pipe extends past tent ridge to provide a good draft.
4. When burning pellets keep tent pellet stove door air input totally closed.

Why Galvanized Steel? We use galvanized settle for several reasons. It is non rusting and will last 5 – 10 years than black iron materials.

The Riley Stove’s have been used by packers for many years and Riley Stoves have gained high respect for its durability, longevity, and flexibility.

All Riley Stove models are lightweight, has an airtight design, and has the capability to store all its accessories (water tank, smoke pipe and legs) inside the firebox.

The Riley Stove is used and approved by the U.S. Forest Service.

Will the galvanized coating on the stove bother me?

It will not because the galvanized coating becomes liquefied when it gets hot, and it is not possible to breathe the hot liquid.  The only smell that burns off the stove is the oil from the metal.  All sheet metals, including black iron, have this oil on them from the foundry to keep them from sticking together.

Please NOTE: When you first operate your stove the galvanizing will liquefy for about 5 to 7 minutes.  At this stage, it will bake onto the metal to form a protective coating.


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