The Deuce #3 Heavy Duty Backcountry Trowel Green


  • Weighing less than 2 tablespoons of water
  • The Deuce #3 Heavy Duty Backcountry trowel by TheTentLab is light but tough.
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum lets you dig and pry with ease, even on rocky ground.
  • Color = Green
  • The Deuce® #3 uses our new design with teeth on the leading edge of the blade for “sawing” into hard dirt and cutting roots as you run into them at the bottom of your hole.
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  • 4 teeth on the leading edge of the blade are just right for working through small roots and hard clay; teeth can be resharpened with a rock for easy backcountry maintenance
  • #3 is bigger and twice as strong as #2 model for easy and fast digging and prying on tough terrain
  • Made of aerospace-grade, U.S.-produced 7075-T6 aluminum for high strength and durability
  • Handle has small ripples to improve friction and grip
  • Versatile construction means you can also use it as a shoe horn or bottle opener
  • Product is guaranteed for life by the manufacturer
  • Made in Korea

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