Zamp Solar Portable Battery Pack & Emergency Jump Starter

Zamp has Discontinued this!

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Zamp Solar’s Battery Pack and Emergency Jump Starter can jump start your 12 volt battery in an emergency or be used to charge up your portable electronic devices.

This little device is powerful, lightweight and efficient. Charge USB devices using the 2.1 amp USB ports – 2.1 amps is useful for fast charging many tablets or other larger portable devices, many other devices will have a 1 amp USB output. Charge laptops, GPS’s and other devices using the supplied barrel adapters or devices using 12, 16 and 19 volt output port. Multiple ways to charge portable electronic devices.

This portable battery pack and emergency jump starter is also equipped with battery alligator clamps and can be used to power your RV (in an emergency), jump start a car, motorcycle, ATV, boat and other 12 volt starting motors off the lithium battery. Lithium batteries are lightweight, very powerful and recharge quickly. This device will recharge from dead in 2-3 hours. This unit has a 14,000 mAH lithium battery.


  • 14,000 mAh High Capacity, Efficient Lithium Battery
  • Dual USB Charging
  • 12 Volt Battery Jump Start Capability
  • 500 Amp PEAK Jump Start
  • 12, 16 & 19 VDC Charging
  • 8 DC Barrel Adapters for 12, 16 & 19 Volt Devices (Laptops)
  • Squid Like USB Adapter Cable (USB-B, Micro USB, 2 – Apple Connectors)
  • AC and 12 Cigarette Adapter for Battery Pack Charging
  • Padded Compact Case
  • Portable, Powerful, Lightweight


  • 1.7 lbs.
  • 6.4″ x 3.0″ x 1.5″
  • 14,000 mAh Lithium Battery
  • Start Current 200/300A
  • Peak Current 400/500A
  • Cycle Life Over 1000 Times
  • USB Out Put – 5V @ 2.1A
  • Output Voltage Port 12, 16 & 19 VDC
  • Input Port – 15V 1A
  • Operating Temperature 0°-85°C

From the Manufacture

Zamp Solar Portable Battery Pack and Emergency Jump Starter is a very valuable piece of equipment for many types of adventures. Small enough to pack into your motorcycle saddle bags, backpack or glove box. POWERFUL enough to start a car with a dead battery and have plenty of juice left to charge your cell phone for extended use. We’ve even included a 3 watt LED flashlight with the ability to be used as an emergency flasher.

The Portable Battery Pack and Emergency Jump Starter shows vital information on the LED information panel. In large number you’ll be able to keep tabs on the charge of the battery pack from 0 to 100%. Once you plug in a device the unit will display the amperage draw (charging amperes) or total amperes draw on the battery pack if multiple items are being charged. NOTE – Many devices recommend the use of their OEM cable for charging. The supplied cable my not work with your device. The display also shows what voltage – 12, 16 or 19VDC the unit is set to and highlights when charging is taking place.

Our Portable Battery Pack and Emergency Jump Starter features 2 USB ports for USB charging devices and 1 multi-voltage port for charging 12, 16 & 19 VDC devices. Use the USB ports to charge smartphone, cell phones, GPS units, cameras, MP3 player, tablets, etc. We provide you with a USB squid type cord with USB-B, Micro USB, Lightning (Apple) cable and a 30 Pin (Apple) Connector. Use the muti-voltage port to charge laptops, run LED lights, such as our 4 Bar LED Light Bar Kit – we’ve tested this and it run all 4 bars for about 12-13 hours. An important feature of our multi-voltage port is it’s ability to change the voltage to 12, 16 and 19 volts DC. Many laptops operate and charge on 19 VDC, we take it one step further and supply you with three voltage settings. To accompany our multi-voltage port we’ve included 8 common barrel adapters that are most commonly used on 12 volt devices, as well as a 6″ adapter cable.

The unit has protections built in to prevent over charging and under charging the battery with its own battery management system. Supplied with the unit is an AC wall charger and a 12 VDC cigarette light port adapter. Charging the unit from under 20% or dead only takes 2-3 hours on qualified power.


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