Zamp Solar 45 Watt Portable Kit


Solar US 45 Watt Portable Kit

  • 11.3 lbs
  • Open Dimension 21.75″ x 20“ x 1.5
  • 45-Watt Power Output
  • Generates 2.3 amps
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Zamp Solar 45 Watt Portable Kit   Model: USP1005

The smallest portable kit in the line will generate 45-Watt at 2.5 amps and includes the integrated 5 Stage 8 Amp waterproof solar charge controller to ensure your single 12v battery is protected.

All US manufactured panels utilize top-of-the-line Grade A mono-crystalline solar cells providing high efficiency output throughout the day. These high end panels feature AR (Anti-Reflective) coated glass for maximum light absorption.

Our original anodized aluminum frame has received an overhaul. Say goodbye to the pre-drilled mounting holes and hello to the NEW Omni-Mount Frame. This newly designed frame is sturdier and more versatile than traditional frames

Connecting your portable solar kit to your RV has never been easier. You can connect directly to the battery with the alligator clips or you can remove these clips to reveal an SAE port that plugs directly into a Zamp Solar sidewall solar port.

Many RVs come pre-wired for solar and may already have this port integrated. Just ask your dealer for more information

The Zamp Solar 45 Watt Portable Solar Charging System can be setup in less than 5 minutes and can be used as a single power source for maintaining and charging a battery. This portable solar systems can also be used as an add-on power source to your current solar system.

  • Power Rating: 45 watts at 2.5 amps
  • Features a lightweight 8 Amp 5 stage PWM solar charge controller mounted on a steel bracket
  • Solar Charge Controller is waterproof and weatherproof
  • High end panels feature anti-reflective coated glass for maximum light absorption
  • 3 indicator lights show – Faults (any errors) | Charging (solar is charging the battery) | Full (battery is full and solar is maintaining)
  • Great for small travel trailers, truck campers, camper vans and single battery systems
  • Connection can be directly to battery using alligator clips or by SAE port that plugs directly into sidewall solar port
  • Weight: 11.25 lbs in the Bag
  • Dimensions: 21.6″ x 19.9“ x 1.5″
  • Includes: (1) Class A high quality Monocrystalline Solar Panel, (1) 16′ wiring harness with alligator battery clamps, (1) Zamp solar plug system, storage case and mounting hardware.
  • 25-year power output manufacturer warranty
  • Made in: USA

Our framed solar panels carry a 25 year Limited Peak Power Output Warranty. All other products carry a Limited Product Warranty of 5 years. We’re obsessed with quality, innovation, and exploring the infinite possibilities of solar.


Zamp Solar 45 Watt Portable Kit

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